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The Rides


1968 Cadillac Fleetwood

  • 60K original miles on body
  • Triple black, originally factory gold
  • No post 4 door
  • Original 472 engine/Rebuilt, bored out 30/over
  • Polished crank/beefed up cam-shaft
  • Edlebrock performer intake manifold
  • Edlebrock 850 cfm carb
  • Rebuilt 400 auto trans
  • Dual exhaust w/ cherry bombs

Cruises along as it should in classic Caddy style, with enough trunk room for 5 Jimmy Hoffas. A total sleeper, it will smoke most at a light.

The Pimpmobile


1978 Cadillac Hearse, commercial glass/chassis, built by Miller-Meteor. It has the stock 425 engine with dual exhaust/cherry bombs. Bought from a pimp in New Jersey who was “gettin’ out of the game.” Unfortunately, the “bitches” weren't included.

A party on wheels, it features a custom paint job with a “jungle” mural on the hood. The custom made interior includes a vibrating bed, minibar, rotating disco ball, neon lighting interior/undercarriage, and a whole lotta Pimpin’ attitude - You dig??!!??

This beast is surprisingly fast for a 6,000+ pound vehicle.


1st Place 2004 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Post 1965 Modified Category


Driving A Hearse

PRO: Since you're undercover, cops won't hassle you when you're crusin' around after downing a bottle and a half of tequila.

CON: Hookers get freaked out and scatter like cockroaches when ya try to pick em up.